What You Need To Know About The Rings Of Power!

The Rings Of Power is set during Middle Earth’s Second Age, after a lot of bloodshed, elves, dwarves & humans are looking forward to an era of peace.

 The major focus of The Rings Of Power are the elves who gave up a lot to defeat Morgoth, the first Dark Lord.

Galadriel & Elrond haven’t yet become Middle-Earth legends so their characters are presented as flawed and complicated people.

Pacing for The Rings Of Power is set in a way that illustrates how time is perceived from the elves point of view who usually live much longer.

The major plot point for The Rings Of Power is the friction between Humans & Elves because humans want the elves to return to Valinor.

A looming danger surrounds Middle-Earth that becomes clear when original characters like Silvan elf Arondir are introduced.

Lastly, The Rings Of Power’s larger set pieces make it delightful to watch like the magical moments in Harfoots’ encampment.

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