Why Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck marriage in Georgia was So Special !

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck a month ago in a close & private ceremony in Las Vegas got married.

Lopez & Affleck as a couple has once again made headlines owing to their second-time wedding.

Unlike the previous time when it was too intimate, Lopez & Affleck have once again tied the sacred knot in Georgia but this time it was open, lavish, & splendid.

Lopez & Affleck's wedding ceremony was attended by their family, friends, & several notable personalities.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck's wedding ceremony was also attended by Hollywood superstar Matt Damon & his wife, filmmaker Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes.

Also, the ceremony had a strict 'ALL-WHITE' Dress Code for all the marriage attendees.

The couple famously known as the 'BENNIFER' organized this auspicious event outside of Ben Affleck's home in Savannah, Georgia.

So, what are your feelings & comments on Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck's second-time wedding ceremony?

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