The Action-Superhero WEB SERIES THE BOYS is based on a COMIC BOOK series, written by Garth Ennis.

THE BOYS is a critically acclaimed web series and is regarded as one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL WEB SERIES to be ever released on an OTT platfrom.

Notable Review websites like Rotten Tomatoes has given it the approval rating of 97% and IMDB has given it rating of 8.7/10.

The series takes a satirical turn over the so-called 'SUPERHEROES' and tries to show how they are when no-one is watching.

The series portrays two factions - 'SUPES' - the arrogant and corrupt superheroes and 'THE BOYS' group of vigilantes that want them gone for good.

The series in no-time has gained huge fan-base, and it's first time people are enjoying superheroes getting beaten.

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