Wow! Robert de Niro is returning to his gangster look

Legendary & Academy Award winning actor Robert de Niro will soon appear in an Italian-American gangster-drama movie named 'WISE GUYS'.

The timeline of Wise Guys is supposed to be set in the mid-20th-century, highlighting the lives of crime bosses Vito Genovese & Frank Costello.

Actor Robert de Niro will be playing a dual role in Wise Guys.

Wise Guys plot is based on Nicholas Pileggi's book published in 1985 of the same name.

Robert de Niro starrer Wise Guys will be produced by Warner Bros. marking their first original movie.

Niro has already worked with the Wise Guys director Barry Levinson in earlier movies like What Just Happened.

Actor Robert de Niro is known for critically acclaimed crime-drama movies like The Godfather Part II, Heat, & The Untouchables.

Robert de Niro in 2019 was involved with another epic crime drama 'THE IRISHMAN' also starring Joe Pesci & Al Pacino in vital roles.

So, how excited are you to see de Niro back in a 'new' gangster look?

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