You probably don't know about these 8 Up-Coming K-Pop Groups

Billie - Previously known as Mystic Rookies, Billie is the most up-to-date young lady bunch formed by Mystic Story.

The seven individuals from ENHYPEN with their evident bonds are ready to take on the world!

IVE stands for “I have”, the moniker for Starship Entertainment comprises of 6 young-girl members.

LE SSERAFIM the newest group of 5 girls aims to motivate fans to pursue their fantasies.

P1Harmony known for hip-hop, R&B, & pop are most popular for exhibiting each member's unique abilities.

New Jeans the 5 member girl's group with their exceptional dancing skill makes them a stand out.

STAYC is an abbreviation for Star to a Young Culture are the creators of the famous song 'ASAP'.

TNX stands for “The New Six” the first male group under P Nation, known for their South Korean chart-buster song 'WAY-UP'.

GIRLS GENERATION are finally back with new album!