San Diego Comic Con 2022 is the 53rd edition of this marvelous comic convention.

The SDCC 2022 is expected to host the massive crowd of 135, 000 comic enthusiasts from all over the WORLD!

$7 MILLION from JUST TICKETS!! Comic Con 2022 ticket or badges prices ranges between $40 to $70.

On an average, $700 will be spent by each attendee while visiting SDCC 2022.

Staggering $3.2 Million will be collected just as hotel and sales tax by CITY of SAN DIEGO!

It is expected that from COMIC CON 2022, SAN DIEGO's ECONOMY will get a boost of $165 MILLION.

Approximately, it takes mere $14-$20 million to organize the WORLD's LARGEST COMIC CONVENTION a.k.a SAN DIEGO COMIC CON.

Comic Con 2022 will be a 4-days event beginning from July 21, 2022 and ending on July 24, 2022.

San Diego Comic Con is considered to be the largest annual convention for the city of San Diego, California.

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