Zafrens Scores Big with $23M in Fresh Funding

In an electrifying stride towards innovation, Zafrens, a dynamic multi-modality drug discovery company based in the sunny confines of San Diego, CA, has successfully secured a staggering $23 million in funding.

The funding round, spearheaded by the visionary Prime Movers Lab and featuring an all-star cast of backers including BlueYard Capital, KOFA Healthcare, Global Brains, FoundersX Ventures, Alix Ventures, Possible Ventures, Iaso Ventures, Hawktail, and other seasoned investors, signals a resounding vote of confidence in Zafrens’ cutting-edge approach.

At the helm of this revolution is CEO Swamy Vijayan, leading Zafrens in its relentless pursuit of innovation through the Z-Screen™ platform.

This groundbreaking technology is not your run-of-the-mill discovery tool; it’s an ultra-high throughput marvel that takes isolation, culture, imaging, and sequencing of millions of cells per day to a whole new echelon.

Picture this: the Z-Screen™, a proprietary platform, isn’t just pushing the envelope; it’s tearing it wide open. Unlike its predecessors, it enables the full characterization of diverse cell populations, seamlessly correlating molecular profiles (DNA, RNA, protein) to cell phenotype and function.

But that’s not all – the Z-Screen™ raises the bar with an upgrade in both throughput and resolution, transforming the conventional 96-well format into a behemoth of innovation with 50,000 – 200,000 wells.

Hold on, it gets even more exciting. Zafrens has cracked the code to simultaneous molecular and functional profiling, a feat that was once the stuff of dreams.

Complex cellular co-culture interactions can now be unraveled at both the molecular and functional levels simultaneously.

Picture this as a symphony of science, where large CRISPR, CAR-T, mRNA libraries, or the intricacies of endogenous molecular heterogeneity are not just mapped but illuminated in stunning detail.

But what does this mean for the world of drug discovery?

Zafrens’ Z-Screen™, a playground for cellular exploration, is where hits, structure-activity relationships, and mechanisms of action are unveiled in a single swoop.

Traditional drug-discovery stages are compressed into one seamless process, thanks to the Z-Screen’s exposure to expansive chemical libraries.

With Zafrens having streamlined and industrialized Z-Screens, the company is now on the lookout for collaborators ready to dive into the depths of innovation.

Their internal areas of expertise beckon partnerships in rapid, HLA-independent, highly-selective TCR discovery, and the realm of RNA regulatory small molecules spanning 3’ UTR regulation, splicing, and epigenetic reprogramming.

Already making waves in CAR-T optimization and bi-specifics discovery, Zafrens is actively seeking partners in these domains, as well as in areas where the magic of combinatorial libraries, small-molecule alchemy, genetic perturbations, and intricate cell-cell interactions could spark the next generation of breakthroughs.

In essence, Zafrens Funding isn’t just a financial injection; it’s a catalyst for a new era of discovery, where the boundaries of what’s possible are not just pushed but redefined.

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