Celtics can have Durant but at WHAT COST?

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets going to the Boston Celtics seems a plausible trade but at the cost of Jaylen Brown may not be a smart move.

There is no doubt that Durant will make Celtics a top-heavy team in this NBA season 2022-23, but it demands too much from the Celtics to make this deal happen.

Currently Boston Celtics want to build an intimidating team with the likes of Robert, Marcus, Brogdon, Horford & Durant.

Therefore, to acquire Durant, the Celtics have to sacrifice their depth & yet it will only give them a marginal advantage in this NBA season according to several NBA pundits.

Everyone knows Brooklyn Nets are already at the end of the rope with the Kevin Durant trade request & want it to happen as soon as possible.

For Boston Celtics choosing Durant over Jaylen Brown may seem quite unreasonable, given the age factor heavily lingering over Durant's head.

So, whatever combination Celtics add with Jaylen Brown to acquire Kevin Durant, they would heavily need to compromise on their bench strength.

Thus, if Boston Celtics acquire Kevin Durant they must know they will not only be playing with the 5 best players but also with ONLY 5 players in their entire roster.

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