HOW Kevin Durant has put NETS owner Joe Tsai in a tight spot!

Recent progression with NBA star Kevin Durant’s trade sweepstakes has seen a lot of pessimism surrounding it.

Although the Durant trade-off might not happen right away because of the meeting between Joe Tsai and Kevin Durant as certain demands were made.

Durant has demanded that the Nets and Tsai have to make a choice between him or GM Sean Marks and Head Coach Steve Nash.

This demand has made things difficult for the Nets but Tsai has shown full support for his staff via posting a message on twitter.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for Kevin’s distaste towards the duo but since Nash’s tenure, the Nets have been criticized for their defensive tactics.

Tsai has yet to make a decision regarding whose side he wishes to be on and whether he wishes to give up an asset like Kevin Durant or not.

Durant is known for his loyalty as he considers it a badge of honor, so for whichever team he plays would be lucky enough to have him!

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