If Durant goes to Grizzlies, Lakers can sign this NETS' player!

Los Angeles Lakers now for a significant period have been trying to land Brooklyn Nets star Point Guard Kyrie Irving!

Well, LA Lakers can soon have their wish granted of signing Kyrie Irving if this one thing happens.

That thing is if Memphis Grizzlies can land NETS' another star Kevin Durant to their roster, the path to acquiring Irving would be quite clear for Lakers.

There is also another news surfacing NBA circuit concerning Brooklyn Nets might not be interested in trading Kyrie Irving in the first place.

However, if the Memphis Grizzlies land Durant then Brooklyn Nets wouldn't be left with many options & will have to submit to the Lakers' Kyrie Irving trade request.

If the Lakers get Irving & Grizzlies get Durant it would be a marvelous encounter to watch between these two teams.

On the Lakers side we will have James, Davis, Westbrook, & Irving whereas the Grizzlies will have Durant, Morant, Jackson & Bane.

So, do you think the Lakers will be able to land Kyrie Irving from Brooklyn Nets or NOT?

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