Know Who Is Arondir In The Rings Of Power Series

From the first two episodes of The Rings Of Power, it is clear the series is leading up to the first war to defeat Sauron.

After the Elven military defeats Morgoth, the military structure changes & we are introduced to Elven warrior Arondir.

Arondir and the elves keep an eye on a group of human villagers due to tensions between the two species.

Arondir is hated by humans who want to live without elves their wish is granted as the elves are called back by Gil-Galad.

Arondir is reluctant to go back not only because he doesn’t trust humans but also because he has fallen in love with a human Bronwyn.

Arondir & Bronwyn's relationship is in danger not only because Elven law forbids it but also because one of them is immortal while the other is not.

It is inevitable in Arondir and Bronwyn's relationship for one of them to watch the other die which makes things extremely difficult.

The theme of mortal & immortal relationships was also discussed in The Hobbit trilogy & showed how difficult it gets for the immortals.

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