LeBron’s emotional reaction to his son’s match is heartwarming

All-star player LeBron James is an amazing dad to his two sons Bronny James and Bryce Maximus James.

Amidst the fame and busy schedules, LeBron has continued to stay involved in his kids lives & basketball careers.

Bronny and Bryce are currently touring Europe with the California Basketball Club, their first match was against Hoopsfix Elite.

Although Bryce didn't play the game from the start. He got in while Bronny took a free throw and cheers echoed through the Copper Box Arena.

This is the first time the two brothers played together in a competitive game bringing an emotional reaction out of LA LAKERS star LeBron James.

The Lakers player took to Twitter and said, “Man I'm literally watching Bronny and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation!! This is INSANE!! I'm EMOTIONAL AF!! WOW.

James can be seen practicing with his sons on multiple occasions. Recently, the three were spotted in the UCLA Health Training Centre.

While this was the first sight of the family on court there are certainly going to be more in the future!

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