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The Love Life of Taylor Swift: Ex-Boyfriends and Iconic Songs

Joe Jonas (2008)

Their brief 2008 relationship inspired songs on Swift's "Fearless" album.

Taylor Lautner (2009)

 Swift's "Back to December" was an apology to the "Twilight" star.

Cory Monteith (2010)

 A one-month relationship led to the song "Mine."

John Mayer (2010)

Their breakup resulted in Swift's scathing song "Dear John."

Conor Kennedy (2012)

The short-lived romance brought attention due to their age difference.

Harry Styles (2012)

Their short-lived fling made headlines and inspired a Grammy performance.

Joe Alwyn (2016-2023)

A highly private and long-lasting relationship that recently ended.

Matty Healy (2023):

Rumors of a brief romance and attending Swift's Eras Tour together.

Travis Kelce (2023)

Recently, rumors of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship booming on social media. But it is still not confirmed yet.

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