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This NBA Star And Lana Rhoades Had A Baby!

Two weeks ago infamous Youtuber Logan Paul ‘accidentally’ revealed who got Lana Rhoades pregnant. Yes, he's an NBA star!

Previously Lana remained tight-lipped about the identity of the NBA star but she has now opened up & it might be a Brooklyn Nets star.

After Paul’s revelation was bleeped on his podcast, people started speculating either Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin might be the father!

Now, Rhoades has come forward with a video saying she thought NBA players were nice guys potentially referring to Kevin or Blake.

But Lana continues saying one of them got her pregnant & told her to ‘go f*ck herself.’ Do you think the NBA star could be Kevin or Blake?

Lana Rhoades did go on a couple of dates with Kevin Durant in the past. She mentioned dating a Libra from the Nets & how it was a complete fail.

It is possible that either Kevin or Blake is Milo’s father but has not wanted to attach their name with Lana or take care of the child.

After Lana’s video, whether it is Kevin or Blake, we are not sure if they would happily come out as the father after being slandered like this.

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