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About Shruti Sinha

Shruti Sinha has made quite a name for herself through her upbeat performances and on-trend looks on various youth-based reality TV shows.

Sinha’s divine looks were first witnessed, on the sets of the famous reality TV shows MTV Roadies Xtreme mentored and hosted by Rannvijay Singha. On the show, she mesmerized everyone with her grace and swag.

After her successful stint in MTV Roadies, she went on to appear in Ace of Spade 2 and MTV Splitsvilla 11, where she was the winner alongside Gaurav Alugh.

Sinha has also featured in hit music videos such as Jubël & Desi Crew: Weekend Vibe, Sanam Mennu and Yo Yo Honey Singh: Shor Machega, which beautifully highlighted her sensuous and quirky persona.

Biography of Shruti Sinha

Name: Shruti Sinha

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Nickname: Shru

Known For: Contestant of MTV Roadies Xtreme

Nationality: Indian

Profession: Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, Model

Date of Birth of Shruti Sinha: 28 March 1998

Birthplace: Delhi, India

Age of Shruti Sinha: 23 years (as of 2021)

Height of Shruti Sinha: 5’7” ft, 1.70 m, 170 cm

Weight of Shruti Sinha: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Body Measurements of Shruti Sinha: 28-26-28

Net Worth of Shruti Sinha: $1 Million

Marital Status: Unmarried

Affair: Rohan Hingorani

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Known Languages: English, Hindi

Religion: Hinduism

Controversies about Shruti Sinha

  • Shruti shared a post on Instagram about her Psychology Degree, which did not receive well by the trollers, as they started calling it fake. The actress had to take down her post due to intense trolling and comments, but in return, she gave a suitable response to the haters through a post on her Instagram account.
  • In MTV Splitsvilla 11, Shruti and her then-boyfriend Rohan Hingorani seemed to be in a close relationship, and they looked like a perfect match, however, things took a dramatic turn after the entry of wild card contestant Gaurav Alug who disclosed that the couple were in a toxic relationship as Rohan did not like Shruti talking to other men.

After the end of the show, the couple parted their ways.

Shruti Sinha’s Family

Father: Late Anil Kumar Sinha              

Siblings: Akruti Sinha

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She belongs to a Hindu Kayastha family. Her father died because of heart failure. Akruti is an elder sister to her. 

Education/Qualification of Shruti Sinha

She studied at Somerville School, Delhi. Shruti was fond of dancing since childhood. She has learned quite a few dance forms including Belly, Hip hop, Jazz, and Contemporary. 

She is also a trained classical dancer.

TV Shows of Shruti Sinha

MTV Roadies X2

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MTV Splitsvilla 11

MTV Roadies Real Heroes

MTV Ace of Space

Love on the Run

Ace of Space 2

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Hobbies of Shruti Sinha

Favourite Actor: Shah Rukh Khan 

Favorite Movies: DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hum Tum, and Main Hoon Na

Favourite Choreographer: Feroz Khan

Hobbies: Photography

Interesting facts about Shruti Sinha

  • She won the title Miss Talented in her school farewell.
  • She started her career by being a contestant in Dance India Dance Season 5. She also received a Golden Cap from one of the judges.
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  • She got a direct entry to the journey of MTV Roadies Xtreme in Pune auditions.
  • She has won Splitsvilla Season 11 with her best friend Gaurav Alugh.
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  • She is also a model and endorses various clothing and accessories brands.
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  • She has two tattoos: Maa on her right wrist and Let the music be your muse and movement your addiction on her foot.
  • Shruti is an avid dog lover and also has a pet dog Bum.
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  • She disclosed that she busted her dance teacher who used to run a sex racket, during her roadies auditions.

Boyfriends/Affairs of Shruti Sinha

Shruti is currently dating Rohan Hingorani. These two love birds came close to each other during the shoot of MTV Roadies Xtreme

Rohan is a former Australian soldier and an Entrepreneur.

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Music Videos of Shruti Sinha

Sanam Mennu (2018)


Jubël & Desi Crew: Weekend Vibe (2021)

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Yo Yo Honey Singh: Shor Machega (2021)

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Social Media Profiles of Shruti Sinha

Instagram: @shrutisinhahaha

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Twitter: @shrutisinhahaha

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