TOP Digital Marketing Influencers of India, whose EXPERTISE will completely CHANGE your DIGITAL OUTLOOK!

The recent times have again and again given testimonials of the fact that the world is rapidly moving towards the virtual space, where everything despite having physical roots will be operated digitally.

And, this sentiment is widely supported by digital marketers, who consider that it’s the right time to step into digital marketing and create one’s brand.

To introduce you all to various digital marketing influencers who have created their million-dollar empire from scratch with the help of online opportunities, we have created a list of TOP Digital Marketing Influencers of India, do give it a LOOK!

#1 Digital Marketing Influencer of India – Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale CEO of Dmatic Digital and a Leading Digital Marketing Influencer of India

Pritam is one of the first Digital Marketing Influencer of India who started online marketing when the concept of Digital Marketing was in a nascent stage and new to the Indian audience.

He started his online marketing journey in 2001, in the hopes that this will be the future, and he can surely gamble on it. Well, how successful that gamble turned out to be! 

After building a digital marketing acumen for two years, he entered into the world of blogging and founded two brilliant blogging websites concerning digital marketing, known as ‘’ and ‘SureJob’.in’.

Known as the ‘King of Blogging’, Pritam suffered heavy losses on the track of online blogging but he steered his ship through passion, patience, and persistence, encouraging blog writing skills in the digital marketers as content is the key if you want to achieve great heights in this field.

He is also acknowledged for his affiliate marketing skills and is known to generate huge revenues through it. Through his blogging websites, he has inspired millions, towards digital marketing and helped them to identify its perks and viability as a profession.

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#2 Digital Marketing Influencer of India – Amit Mishra (Tryootech) 

Amit Mishra the Creator of Tyrootech and one of the famous Digital Marketing Influencers of India

Amit Mishra, a renowned Digital Marketing Influencer of India with a YouTube Channel of more than 3.3 lakh subscribers, has developed a wave of digital marketing where he influences people to earn big in a short period, through blogging and his exciting money-making ideas.

Amit after knowing the potential of digital marketing, even created several websites to promote his content and digital marketing skills, where specifically he offers content writing specialization.

Furthermore, through his YouTube videos, he has made various inspirational videos and quick guides to earn more money, has helped a lot of his viewers and consolidated his position as one of the top digital marketing influencers of India.

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#3 Digital Marketing Influencer of India – Satish K Videos

Satish Kushwaha Creator of Satish K Videos YouTube Channel and a Popular Digital Influencers of India Biographia

If you are looking for some online opportunities, Satish K Videos can be your partner in this search, as he has several years of experience in this field and has also made his YouTube channel of the same name to motivate people and compel them to the world of digital marketing.

He has also published videos on the lines of life improvement where he analyzes best career opportunities for his viewers, as his subscribers base has reached more than 8 lakhs in numbers.

Satish Kushwaha and his videos on the topic of success stories of young entrepreneurs, financial rules, digital marketing, earning money through various sources and much more, has placed him in the list of digital marketing influencers of India, with some of the significant names of this field.

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#4 Digital Marketing Influencer of India – WsCube Tech

Kushagra Bhatia Founder of WsCube Tech and a Renowned Digital Influencers of India

Kushagra Bhatia is considered to be a veteran in the field of Digital Marketing and the valuable experience he has gained in 10 years is just outstanding.

Kushagra with the aim of skill development in young minds started his YouTube channel ‘WsCube Tech’ where he runs free courses in the field of digital marketing, web and app development, and programming languages. 

The passion and determination that Kushagra has put in the growth of his channel has made it one of the leading e-learning YouTube channels of India and has also reached more than 7 lakh followers on YouTube, making him one of the popular Digital Marketing Influencers of India.

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#5 Digital Marketing Influencer of India – Digital Dhairya

Dhairya Singh Chauhan Creator of Digital Dhairya YouTube Channel and a Prominent Digital Influencers of India

The YouTube Channel, ‘Digital Dhairya’ was created by Dhairya Singh Chauhan who is a decorated digital marketing consultant and one of the exceptional digital marketing influencers of India, who wants people to achieve that significant income milestone or that ‘7 figure’ mark which will help them to establish their identity in the digital world.

Barring his digital marketing expertise he is also a personal branding coach, sales expert, and a wonderful orator. His YouTube channel in a limited time has garnered more than 3.5 lakh subscribers.

Dhairya wants to help more than a lakh young minds to build their brand which is worth billions of dollars, as he assumes there is a huge potential in the youth of this country.

#6 Digital Marketing Influencers in India – Deepak Kanakraju

Deepak Kanakraju_Digital Marketing Influencer

Deepak Kanakraju stands as a trailblazer, leveraging his 6 years of experience to revolutionize digital marketing at Pixel Track Digital.

His association with startups like Razorpay and Digital Vidhya underscores his role as a key player among Famous Digital Marketers in India, shaping strategies that resonate with the evolving industry dynamics.

#7 Digital Marketing Influencer – Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal_Famous Digital Marketers in India

Harsh Agarwal, founder of Shoutmeoutloud, is a beacon of knowledge in the digital realm with a decade-long journey.

His expertise in SEO and WordPress not only positions him as a Digital Marketing Influencer but also places him prominently among the Top Digital Marketing Influencers in India, inspiring a legion of bloggers.

#8 Famous Digital Marketers in India – Rajat Jain

Digital Marketing Influencers in India_Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain, the brains behind ShootOrder, is a digital maestro crafting success stories for businesses.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant and growth hacker, he epitomizes the spirit of the Top Digital Marketing Influencers in India, architecting strategies that drive growth and visibility.

#9 Indian Digital Marketing Influencers – Navin Modi

Indian Digital Marketing Influencers_Navin Modi

Navin Modi, CEO of Uvisible, boasts 18+ years of experience, a testament to his expertise in every facet of digital marketing.

His journey, collaborating with industry giants, cements his position as a Digital Marketing Influencer, bringing a data-driven approach that sets Navin Modi apart among the Top Digital Marketing Influencers in India.

#10 Top Digital Marketing Influencers – Jitender Goswami

Top Digital Marketing Influencers in India_Jitender Goswami

Jitender Goswami, the visionary awarded Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, is a force to be reckoned with.

His company, SMMPackage Private Limited, and his book ‘Snapchat Marketing- The Success Rule’ showcase his prowess as one of the Top Digital Marketing Influencers, adding significant value to the industry.

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